The real reason why tech companies are flocking to Australia

November 15, 2023
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The real reason why tech companies are flocking to Australia

In 1964, Australia was dubbed the lucky country, and it has remained so ever since. Over the last 30 years, Australia has avoided a deep recession, has become the wealthiest country in the world and successfully attracted world class talent to its shores.

Here is why companies of all sizes, from McDonald’s to Apple to early-stage startups, choose Australia:

  • Australia has a resilient, diverse and highly productive economy that ranks No. 13 in the world by size.
  • Australia is home to some of the world’s highest incomes and wealthiest consumers, offering opportunities for both B2C and B2B companies.

  • Australia offers a desirable trial market: Australia is a popular B2B and B2C test market before expansion into larger advanced economy markets such as the U.S, or markets that have an historical British system and legal base.

  • It’s an attractive destination for clinical trials. Along with Singapore, Australia has a world class university and health care system, home to some of the world’s best researchers.

  • Australia has a strong skilled workforce and low unemployment rates, ultimately anchored by an excellent education system and most importantly a strong skilled immigration program.

  • It has outperforming technology-driven sectors, often related, but not confined to, industries where Australia has sustainable natural advantages, which are often complementary to those of Singapore.

  • Strong public and private capital markets for international SMEs: the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) offers small to mid-cap companies quick access to capital via its significant multi-stage globally integrated private venture capital industry.

  • Australia offers visa pathways for international tech talent, with permanent residency and citizenship pathways.

  • The Australian legal system shares similarities with Singapore’s and is highly predictable, rules-based and respects private property.
  • Australia offers the ability for locational hedging of intergenerational sovereign risk, which is often important for South East Asian or China origin families.

  • And finally Australia offers a great lifestyle in a society that remains more cohesive and safer than that of some advanced economies, whilst at the same time embracing ethnic diversity, including previous generations of Singaporeans, Chinese, European and many other nationalities who are based in Australia.

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