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Asia as a fast emerging political and economic powerhouse, has proven to be an instrumental market for businesses to break into. Read below why your business should grow into Asia.

Asia is Australia's top trading partner

Asia is Australia's top trading partner

Australia excels at trade with Asia and is in a unique position to capitalize on Asia's growing markets. China and Japan together represent almost half (46.4%) of all Australian export sales. Source: DFAT

An Asia-ready workforce

An Asia-ready workforce

Australia is in a unique position to do trade with Asia. Talent, networks and resources can be found in our own backyard. Australia is home to a large population of people with 'Asian capabilities'; People that are familiar with an Asian language and culture, have networks in the region and understand local business customs.

An emerging market

An emerging market

The Asian middle class will grow from 500 million to 1.75 billion by 2020 - more than a threefold increase in just seven years. Asia will have 54% of the world's middle class by 2020 and 66% by 2030. Half of this growth will come from China and India alone. Source: OECD

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  • "Haymarket HQ has allowed for CAMP to grow and connect with different and like-minded people and start-ups who wish to expand into Asia. We are thrilled to be one of the few innovators and thought leaders in the Australia-China space present at Haymarket HQ."

    Victoria Kung China Australia Millennial Project
  • "...Haymarket HQ will play an important role in maximising our connections to Asian markets and helping our startups expand into Asia"

    Anthony Roberts Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy
  • "Haymarket HQ will provide a central contact point and bridge into Asia, based on a network of local connectors and mentors, and a landing pad for international Asian investors looking for investment opportunities."

    Karen Borg Jobs for NSW CEO
  • "Forcite uses Haymarket HQ as a platform to build its connections into Asia, it is a valuable resource being so close to Asia."

    Alfred Boyadgis CEO & Co-founder of Forcite