The Best Startup Coworking Spaces and Shared Offices in Sydney

March 13, 2023
The Best Startup Coworking Spaces and Shared Offices in Sydney

From high-tech coworking spaces to creative collaboration spaces, we’ve curated a list of the best startup coworking spaces in Sydney to support your company. These startup hubs are great starting points for any entrepreneur looking to connect with innovation ecosystem, whether you’re an early-stage startup or more developed scaleup.

Haymarket HQ

Location: Level 2/63 Dixon St, Haymarket
International trade, market expansion
Ideal for:
Companies looking to grow into new markets

Haymarket HQ is the go-to hub for tech companies looking for support to expand into new markets. HHQ offers advisory and innovation and trade programs to support companies to expand into overseas markets, or foreign companies wanting to grow into Australia. Some programs include the Sydney Landing Pad, Vietnam Business Booster, and GIA Singapore-Australia Market Accelerator.

HHQ is situated in a vibrant coworking space in a historic building in the heart of Chinatown. You can expect to be part a community of global-minded founders, resident VCs and mentors, and a network of partners across the world.

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Sydney Startup Hub

Location: 11 York St, Sydney
Ideal for:
Casual drop-ins for founders or teams

The Sydney Startup Hub brings together some of the most innovative startups, accelerators, and organisations in Sydney in its 11 floors above Wynyard Station. For founders looking for a casual space to work, check out its first floor which is open to the public free of charge. 

This makes it an ideal spot for solo founders, freelancers, and small teams to connect, work, and network with like-minded individuals. In addition, the Sydney Startup Hub also hosts a variety of events for founders.

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Location: Level 2/11 York St, Sydney
Ideal for:
Early-stage tech startups

Fishburners is home to one of Australia’s largest startup communities and is situated inside the Sydney Startup Hub. In addition to offering co-working facilities, Fishburners runs a range of programs and events designed to help early-stage entrepreneurs. These include weekly pitch nights, where founders can practice their pitching skills and get feedback from industry experts, as well as a range of workshops, mentorship programs, and networking events.

Fishburners is a great starting point if you’re an early-stage founder who is looking to get more involved more in the Sydney startup community. 

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Stone & Chalk

Location: Level 4/11 York St, Sydney
All tech, but is known for its focus on fintech
Ideal for:
Startups, scaleups and corporate

Located on another floor of the Sydney Startup Hub, Stone & Chalk is known for its curated spaces for tech startups, scaleups and corporate teams. Residents can expect more than just modern facilities, but also access to its corporate partners and network of mentors and investors.

Apart from its base in the Sydney Startup Hub, Stone & Chalk has branches in Melbourne and Adelaide, and also runs a Scaleup Hub in Tech Central on Pitt St for mid-size teams looking to quickly scale (see below).

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Tank Stream Labs

Location: Level 6-8/11 York St, Sydney
Ideal for:
Large teams, corporate teams

Tank Stream Labs holds three levels of the Sydney Startup Hub and a number of other locations across the Sydney CBD, including Barangaroo, as well as a Scaleup Hub.

Tank Stream Labs boasts spacious areas for teams of all sizes including private offices and full floor offices with access to considerable event spaces, breakout areas and other facilities. Additionally, they offer a number of in-house professional services such as legal, HR and IP advisory. Founders with a mid-size company or are managing large teams will find Tank Stream suitable.

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Western Sydney Startup Hub

Location: Level 6-8/11 York St, Sydney
Ideal for:
Larger teams

Based on its CBD counterpart, the Sydney Startup Hub, the Western Sydney Startup Hub aims at leveraging the innovation and talent based in the Western and regional suburbs to create an innovative and diverse community with Australian-based IP.

Located in a unique heritage precinct in Paramatta, the Western Sydney Startup Hub provides flexible workspace for startups, SMEs, and corporates. With over 1500sqm of coworking spaces and private offices, this startup hub offers resident founders with a suite of modern amenities and facilities.

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Scaleup Hub (Stone & Chalk)

Location: 477 Pitt Street, Sydney

Powered by Tech Central, an innovation initiative by the NSW Government, the Scaleup Hub by Stone & Chalk is only a short walk from Central Station and provides over 6 levels of commercial space for scaleups, SMEs, and corporate teams looking for private space.

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Scaleup Hub (Tank Stream Labs)

Location: 24 Campbell Street, Haymarket

Similarly, the Scaleup Hub by Tank Stream Labs presents another solid option for larger teams and is also supported by Tech Central. You’ll find equally modern facilities and collaborative coworking and office space in this scaleup hub, located in the Sydney CBD on Campbell Street.

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