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Cyber Sierra: A Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity

November 15, 2023
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Cyber Sierra: A Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity

In this series, we chat to the founders taking part in the first cohort of the GIA Singapore-Australia Market Accelerator program to learn about where it all began, their company’s journey, and what value they hope to bring to Australia.

Cyber Sierra founder Subhajit Mandal chats about how he wants to help make Australia one of the most cyber secure countries in the world.

What was the inspiration behind Cyber Sierra?

It all began with a conversation between my co-founder, Pramodh and myself a few years ago. Sparked by his firsthand experience handling a data breach at his former company, Pramodh realized the significant impact that cyber insurance could have had in preventing the ordeal his firm endured. This realization became the catalyst for our journey.

In June 2021, we took the leap and established Cyber Sierra with the purpose of assisting businesses in acquiring essential cyber insurance. As we executed on the vision, we saw a deeper need within the industry. Cyber insurance, although invaluable, remained a complex concept for many, and organizations required guidance in establishing robust cyber hygiene practices and continuous monitoring. 

Driven by this insight, we took the initiative to develop Cyber Sierra as a comprehensive risk management platform, with insurance as an inbuilt offering. Our suite of cybersecurity tools and services, therefore, is purposefully designed to empower businesses at every step of their security journey. With features such as automated security alerts, threat intelligence feeds, anti-phishing measures, vulnerability scans, expert guidance, and employee security training, our platform equips organizations with the necessary resources to strengthen their security posture. Businesses can also avail of cybersecurity and technology insurance with up to $5 million in coverage via our platform. 

But all this aside, even as we deepen the feature suite in our platform, one constant remains—It is that deep sense of fulfilment and satisfaction in knowing that we are solving real problems and genuinely helping businesses on their journey.

Cyber Sierra founders Pramodh Rai and Subhajit Mandal

What makes Cyber Sierra different?

What sets Cyber Sierra apart is our ability to address cyber risk thoroughly and holistically. 

We understand that enterprises require a thorough overview of their entire cyber asset attack surface, including third-party involvement. We map the relationships between their company’s assets, employees, vendors and offer security solutions that help them monitor and mitigate the risks within that context.

In addition, cybersecurity is embedded in the very DNA of our founding team. Our team comprises individuals who possess extensive expertise in the field of cybersecurity. Among our ranks, we have entrepreneurs and executives who have successfully developed cybersecurity and insurtech solutions for banks, government agencies, cloud providers, and (re)insurers. We, therefore, understand the challenges faced by tech businesses.  

Why did you choose Australia as your next market?

Australia’s focus on becoming the most cyber secure country in the world aligns with our mission of helping businesses manage and mitigate cyber risks. So, we custom-built our Third-Party Risk Management module to help Australian organizations level up their security game in accordance with the recent changes in the CIRMP rules. We also have a specialized continuous controls monitoring feature that empowers businesses to maintain a comprehensive outlook on their security posture.

GIA SAMA program has been helping us progress conversations with the security arms of a number of large Australian corporations and we’re excited to work with them to add cyber resilience to their businesses. 

In short, Australia is a market that understands and values the richness that cybersecurity can add to its business. It was thus a natural choice for us. 

What can our readers do to help you succeed?

We’d love to get in touch with the security and risk leaders of large Australian companies to showcase our platform’s features. 

Learn more about Cyber Sierra here.

Snapshot of Cyber Sierra's growing team

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