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Canopy Power: Clean energy for off-grid communities and businesses

November 15, 2023
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Canopy Power: Clean energy for off-grid communities and businesses

In this series, we chat to the founders taking part in the first cohort of the GIA Singapore-Australia Market Accelerator program to learn about where it all began, their company’s journey, and what value they hope to bring to Australia.

Canopy Power provides clean, efficient and reliable power to hard to reach places. Learn how they started and how they aspire to equip Australia's remote communities with sustainable energy.

Microgrid panels on a Batu Batu private island resort in Malaysia

What was the inspiration or story behind the creation of Canopy Power?

Our founder Sujay Malve experienced frequent power outages while studying as a student in India 20 years ago. These outages not only disrupted his exam preparations during the hot summer months but also affected his father's work at a tower crane factory.

Sujay became determined to contribute to solving the energy access and security problem.

Throughout his career, which included roles in heavy manufacturing, wind turbine technology, and management consulting for energy companies (many of them oil and gas), Sujay remained focused on renewable energy.

During his time in business development, he identified a specific opportunity in renewable energy microgrids in Southeast Asia. In 2016, Sujay co-founded Canopy Power, a company specialising in microgrid and engineering services.

Co-Founder and CEO Sujay Malve

Tell us about what Canopy Power does.

Canopy Power provides innovative renewable energy microgrid solutions. Our primary focus is to deliver cleaner and more affordable electricity to businesses and communities in remote regions, particularly in South East Asia and Australasia where conventional power grids are inaccessible.

Through our energy transition platform, we transform the reliance on diesel power and weak grids into reliable electricity generated from renewable sources.

By doing so, we significantly reduce the consumption of diesel fuel and minimise the need for generator engines. This not only helps businesses save on costs but also mitigates the impact of fluctuating oil prices, ensuring greater profitability.

The microgrid market holds huge potential, particularly in Southeast Asia, which comprises numerous off-grid locations due to the abundance of islands without access to large-scale grid electricity.

Recognising this opportunity, we’ve successfully installed microgrids at eco-resorts across Southeast Asia. Our clients now rely on clean energy for a significant portion of their electricity needs (up to 85%), reducing their dependence on diesel. Our microgrid solutions also help customers from diverse industries including agriculture, utilities and fisheries.

What sets us apart is our proprietary Hornbill technology, which enables remote monitoring and management of the microgrid systems. This remote capability allows us to address approximately 80% of issues without requiring physical intervention, resolving them within minutes or hours rather than days. Furthermore, the data collected through this technology enables us to optimise load management and proactively maintain the system's performance.

Canopy Power's blue microgrid panels on building roofs on Nikoi Island in Indonesia

Why did you choose Australia as your next market? What makes it a good fit?

Australia is an ideal market for the expansion of our microgrid solutions. With its vast landscape, many businesses and communities find themselves situated in off-grid or underserved areas, creating a natural demand for sustainable energy solutions.

Notably, Australia has made significant commitments towards achieving net-zero emissions. Australia has enshrined these goals into law, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43% from 2005 levels by 2030 and ultimately reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Australia has also pledged a $40 billion investment to position itself as a renewable energy superpower to support these goals.

We are proud to already serve a number of clients in Australia, and we are excited to expand our reach to more remote areas. Our sustainable energy solutions align perfectly with the country's goals, enabling us to contribute to a greener and more resilient future for Australia's off-grid communities.

Microgrids allows off-grid communities and businesses to access reliable energy

What is your “Ask”? What can our readers do to help you succeed? 

We’d love to get in touch with:

  • Government agencies responsible for electrification programs
  • Electrical construction companies for potential collaborations in implementing microgrid projects.
  • Distribution partners or EV charging infrastructure players to expand the reach of our energy solutions

To learn more about Canopy Power, visit us here.

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