9 Australian companies on their way to Vietnam

December 12, 2023
| minute read
9 Australian companies on their way to Vietnam

Vietnam is emerging as one of Australia's fastest-growing trading partners. We're supporting 9 tech-enabled companies to capitalise on these opportunities in the Australia Vietnam Growth Program, delivered in partnership with Acclime and proudly funded by DFAT.

A clean technology company manufacturing rPET and cellulose from textiles and clothing. Learn more.

DataFarming has developed precision ag software and web mapping applications for digital agronomy and agri-intelligence. Learn more.

A data-driven analytics platform measuring cultural and demographic diversity. Learn more.

Ebilities provides psychometric testing for children to predict school outcomes and allow for personalised learning. Learn more.

A unique caddy app that allows golfers to search, choose and rate their caddy. Learn more.

An autonomous food waste management infrastructure that uses insects to consume food waste. Learn more.

Incident Zero prompts a reduction of human-machine incidents to zero with its Laser Safety Halo solution. Learn more.

Makes parking easier for car and scooter drivers, and makes parking cheaper and more efficient for landlords and property managers. Learn more.

OMC International provides port optimisation technology that delivers safer shipping and smarter ports. Learn more.

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