12 global tech companies landing down under

April 30, 2024
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12 global tech companies landing down under

We welcome the 4th cohort of the Sydney Landing Pad, proudly sponsored by City of Sydney. 12 companies from 8 countries around the globe are setting off on their journey to expand into the Australian market.

AIPARK (South Korea) creates AI-powered digital avatars, revolutionising communication across various languages and cultures. Learn more.

Looking for: connections or partnerships with companies in creative industries, such as media broadcasting and AR/VR.

DNV Imatis (Norway) takes the friction out of healthcare organisations with hospital workflow solutions. Learn more.

Looking for: connections within the healthcare sector, including public/private hospitals and healthcare institutions.

FERNRIDE (Germany) provides automation solutions for container terminals, enhancing productivity, sustainability, and worker safety. Learn more.

Looking for: connections to individuals with experience selling to or working in industries related to large-scale docks and shipyards.

GBuilder (Finland) is a customer journey management platform for residential construction projects, digitalising interactions between buyers, internal teams and contractors. Learn more.

Looking for: connections to anyone who is familiar with the property development process in Australia, particularly with ties to major real estate developers.

Ledo Media Technology (Hong Kong) enables small media owners and idle space owners to connect with advertisers. Learn more.

Looking for: looking for connections within advertising tech and intros to property owners with ad spaces (e.g. billboards, building facades, etc.).

PeoplesHR (Sri Lanka) simplifies HR for over 1 million users across 20 industries with data-driven insights. Learn more.

Looking for: mentors or advisors experienced in specific industries such as HR tech and VC specialising in HR tech.

PFC Technologies (South Korea) uses AI-powered risk assessment to provide digital lending solutions and B2B risk management services. Learn more.

Looking for: introductions to B2B lending institutions and advisors with experience and connections in the lending industry.

Scorestars (Estonia) lets basketball fans compete in fantasy leagues, collect and trade digital player cards, and win prizes. Learn more.

Looking for: looking for connections within sports leagues and organisations, with a focus on basketball.

SentBe (South Korea) offers cross-border money transfers for individuals and businesses across Korea, Southeast Asia, the US, and soon Australia! Learn more.

Looking for: mentors and advisors with banking and remittance experience.

Skills U (Singapore) is a skills management platform that empowers companies to manage all aspects of employee skill development. Learn more.

Looking for: connections to corporate HR managers in fast-growing, mid-size enterprises.

Solintegra (Norway) provides a solar energy ecosystem for builders, installers, and consumers, accelerating the adoption of solar energy. Learn more.

Looking for: connections, researchers and agencies who are knowledgeable about solar energy regulation and policies in Australia.

XTRA Sensing (Hong Kong) predicts machine health for critical facilities, particularly air conditioning, to reduce downtime and save money and time. Learn more.

Looking for: introductions to facilities managers overseeing HVAC systems in critical facilities.

If you're a good fit or know someone who fits the bill, hit reply and let us know at your relevant experience and how you can add value.

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