11 Singaporean startups coming to Australia (GIA SAMA Cohort 2)

December 12, 2023
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11 Singaporean startups coming to Australia (GIA SAMA Cohort 2)

Meet the 11 tech companies from Singapore as part of the second cohort of the GIA Singapore-Australia Market Accelerator.

Real time concrete strength, quality and durability monitoring that optimises pouring schedules and reduces costs for commercial builders and developers. Learn more.

A cross-border supply train provenance, track and trace and financing solution to enable end users to be able to understand the provenance of a product, intermediaries to better track products, and producers to be paid faster. Learn more.

A.I. powered customer engagement platform for the healthcare and insurance sectors. Learn more.

A smarter due diligence tool for banks to reduce risks associated with credit and money laundering. Learn more.

Spatial data platform that helps enterprises manage location data and adopt an AI-first approach at scale. Learn more.

Smart document management and configure-price-quote system for SMEs and larger enterprises, especially in the property industry. Learn more.

A full stacked sustainability management solution to track, measure and compare your sustainability impact. Learn more.

Build, manage and engage a vibrant student-to-alumni community. Learn more.

Advanced access control systems specifically designed to enhance security, efficiency and sustainability for critical infrastructure sites. Learn more.

A.I. powered workforce management solutions for enterprises to improve staff well-being, productivity and operational efficiency, especially for the healthcare industry. Learn more.

Reduce bias, increase objectivity and enhance productivity and efficiency throughout the talent acquisition lifecycle. Learn more.

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