The Startup & Small Business Bible: A Guide for Australian Startups & SMEs


Need support for your small business or startup? Are you searching for grants?

COVID-19 has ushered in a time of unprecedented change for Australian businesses. Operating hours have reduced, social distancing has led to both physical and emotional isolation and the landscape for businesses and startups seems stifled like never before.

But hope is not lost! All you need to do is ask for help, and we’re making that one step easier with The Startup & Small Business Bible.

This is an open-source one stop shop document that we’ve created that covers areas such as grants, business advisory, events, legal and compliance and mental health resources.


Why did you create the Startup & Small Business Bible?

So often businesses are not optimising the resources and support out there simply because they don’t know how to find them or that they exist. Attempting to find all the different information and organisations can become a mess and trying to find resources can leave you entangled within a web of information you’re not sure is relevant — let alone the stress of running a business during COVID-19!

That’s why we’ve made it easy in one document. Discover the vast array of organisations and support available for you, whether its now in COVID-19 or later on, when you want to develop your business.


What’s in the Startup & Small Business Bible?

Need financial support, we’ve compiled all the government grants out there for you. Whether you’re in Sydney or the Northern Territory, we’ve got you covered!

This is only the beginning with the grant databases to help kick-start your sleuthing skills, staying up to date with grants and optimising the economic support out there for you.

Does writing a grant application seem daunting? We break down the key steps to nail the application.

Support isn’t necessarily just financial. The business advisory section will present you a list of organisations that provide services in areas of finance, marketing and sales, operations and more.

While there’s a limit on physical events, there are still plenty of digital learning and events to take advantage of. This includes free online courses and workshops.

Stay up to date on the latest government COVID-19 regulations or find legal information and services around you in the legal and compliance section.

And most importantly, during these difficult times, we know our mental health can suffer. So if you are dealing with any stress, anxiety or depression, it is imperative to seek help. Talk to a healthcare professional for free and acquire a range of services.


How do I access the Startup & Small Business Bible?

Access the The Startup & Small Business Bible for Australian SMEs and entrepreneurs by subscribing to our mailing list and or by clicking here.

The Startup and Small Business Bible - grants, business support and advisory in Australia


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What is Haymarket HQ?

We’re Haymarket HQ, a coworking space and global innovation hub. We want to make sure that you  – whether you’re a business or startup – are informed on all the resources and support. We’re all about business and financial awareness during these difficult times. Want to find out more, check out more of our blog and website.


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