Sydney Landing Pad

Sydney’s first landing pad program for international companies wishing to explore Australia.



Despite a population of only 24 million, Australia is the 13th largest economy in the world and the second wealthiest nation per capita.

Its sizeable market, proximity to Asia and multicultural talent pool makes it an ideal market for international companies looking to expand or test new waters.

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The Sydney Landing Pad will provide international companies and entrepreneurs with all the resources and connections to understand and unlock all the opportunities Australia has to offer.



A free 90-day ongoing residency program to support international companies to explore and capitalise on business opportunities in Australia. The program participants will be based in a open co-working space in Sydney’s central business district.

Participants will have access to:

90 days of free co-working space credits in Chinatown, Sydney

Relevant national and state Government grant programs

Immigration information and support

Induction workshops to gain an understanding of the Australian environment

Introductions to vetted local service providers, investors and mentors

An international community of like-minded entrepreneurs

Introductions to our network of companies, universities and other hubs

Who is this

program suited for?

This program is geared towards two target groups, namely:

International Companies

that wish to relocate their core functions to Sydney, or wish to use Australia as a test market or product development center.

International student entrepreneurs

who intend to grow their business in Australia and would like to receive expert support and guidance.

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Sydney Landing Pad Program?

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Is this program free?

Yes. The program is completely (cash and equity) free for the entirety of the duration.

Is this only open to tech companies?

No. This program is industry agnostic and companies from all industries are encouraged to apply.

What is the goal of the program?

To attract and retain international innovation and talent within Australia and to support international companies to explore their business opportunities in the Australian market.

I’m an Australian company. Can I apply?

This program is designed to support international companies venture into Australia and support international student entrepreneurs expand their company in-country. As such, this program is not suitable for local Australian companies.

Who is Haymarket HQ?

Haymarket HQ (HHQ) is one of Australia’s most international startup hubs and Australia’s only startup hub connecting entrepreneurs between Asia and Australia.

Based in Sydney’s vibrant Chinatown, Haymarket HQ offers companies access to co-working space, mentors and investors, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs across Asia-Pacific. HHQ is a not-for-profit supported by the State government.

Can I partner with the Sydney Landing Pad?

We’re always happy to explore partner opportunities. If you would like to partner or connect with us, shoot us an email with what you have in mind.

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