Mental Health Resources for Startup Founders and Small Business Owners


Whether you’re a startup founder or a small business owner, your priority should always be your own health and wellbeing. Now more than ever, you need to make sure you take care of your mental health.

Note: if you are in need of immediate support, please contact Lifeline or Beyond Blue.


Why is mental health important for startup founders and business owners?

Maybe you tell yourself you don’t have the time, you need to focus on your business, you’ve got to pour your entire self into your burgeoning startup idea. It’s easy to neglect underlying feelings of discomfort or sadness, that inexplicable apprehension as your heart races and you feel completely overwhelmed by the world around you. You might even say it’s just part of the rollercoaster that is working in a startup or business.

Not acknowledging your deteriorating mental health is a taboo that needs to be broken! Read more here where we discuss the need to bring openness to discussing mental health. It will get better as long as you address it and seek help!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of resources which are completely free so that you can become your best self, inside and out.

Mental health resources for startup founders and business owners

Under Medicare, you may be eligible for seven completely free and confidential sessions with a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Mental Health Online provides free resources and services to help people experiencing mental health difficulties, including anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

myCompass provides a self-help guide to good mental health – pointing you in the right direction.

Health Direct is a government initiative that provides free health advice including online advice and treatment for mental health and psychological issues. It also includes links to more online professional support services.

Employee Assistance Programs are designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing of all employees, personally and professionally. Here is a list of certified EAP Providers.

HHQ’s article on the COVID-19 Mindset will provide you with a guide to looking after your mental health during the pandemic.

Need more mental health support?

This article is in conjunction with our Startup and Small Business Bible and Chatbot Noah. He’s a free Chatbot, made with Bright and the City of Sydney who will guide you through all the resources available for you. We want to make sure that you get all the resources available for you.


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