Learn How Sydney Coworking Space SUCCESSFULLY Reopened after COVID

Nico Chan

If you are operating a coworking space or just an office space in general, take this as a model for successfully reopening your space. 

Say hello to temperature checks, social distancing and a lot of hand sanitiser.

Learn how Haymarket HQ has responded to COVID making their inhabitants feel safe and comfortable. 

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  1. A New Working Experience
  2. Why These Steps Have Been Taken
  3. The Official Update

Gone are the days of catching a packed train into the city. Face masks and empty seats are a-plenty. You can sense the air of COVID.

You alight at Central Station, exit through the grand concourse and take an easy 7 minute walk through historic Chinatown. Soon you find yourself entering through the iconic Chinese gate of Dixon Street and see the entrance to HHQ on the left. 

China town gates

Chinese gates

First thing you see is a ‘We’re COVID safe’ poster, and as the lift doors open you see ‘Maximum lift capacity 2’, the first reminder to socially distance. Up we go.

You step out to a conveniently located hand sanitising station, before conducting a mandatory health check – a temperature and oximeter reading to ensure you are not sick and will not be spreading any infections once inside. If your temperature is over 37 degrees or your oxygen capacity is below 90% you will not be allowed to enter.

temperature check


Once inside, you will see bright yellow tape across every second desk, a measure taken in accordance with the legal 1.5m social distancing requirements. That means more space for you, nice. You will also see more yellow tape around each desk on the floor reminding you to keep your distance if you need to talk to someone. Okay, put down your things and over to grab a coffee.

social distancing office desks

Desks socially distanced

Someone is already there using the coffee machine, you won’t be breathing down his neck. You stand with ample space behind him as indicated by the stickers on the floor asking you to ‘please wait here’ and to ‘be mindful to keep a 1.5m gap’. Very polite. 

After a coffee, we all know what time it is. Off to the bathroom, again following the direction of the yellow lines. You are instructed to only walk in one direction, down the hallway and take the exit on the other end, so as to not bump into anyone down the narrow corridor. A few more steps of walking, a good way to stretch the legs. Back to your desk, don’t forget to sanitise along the way!

hand sanitiser dispenser

Sanitiser at the ready!

Now you need some privacy, you’ve got to hop on a zoom call with your business partners. You take a meeting room, but make sure it’s just you in there. Meeting room capacity is limited depending on the size – 1 person for the smaller rooms, and 2 people for the larger ones. 

meeting room

Maximum room capacity

It’s the afternoon, you’ve been having a productive day of work. Feels great to be back at the office and out of the house. Coffee is flowing and so are the creative juices. Hey look, there’s Lauren the office manager with gloves and disinfectant, meticulously wiping down the kitchen and other shared spaces. The cabinets, the handles, the tabletop, the fridge, the dishwasher, the desks. Wow, she really doesn’t miss a thing. This is the second cleanse of the day, the first was in the morning before you arrived. Is that Eucalyptus you smell? Yes, freshly sprayed too, a bit of natural antiseptic to cleanse the air. You are feeling comfortable and calm knowing you are safe. 

cleaning kitchen

Routine cleansing with a smile

You cruise through the rest of the day enjoying your return to the office, impressed with the new safety precautions Haymarket HQ has taken, and think to yourself ‘what was I ever worried about?’. The day is over, you put back on your mask, leave your work sanctuary and head back out into the COVID infected world. 

COVID has taken away our fun group activities, our friends and close physical interactions, our freedom to move and to live how we want – HHQ won’t let it take away your office too! 

While many people love working from home, there is an equal amount of people who hate working from home and are praying for other options. HHQ endeavours to create a safe space for these people. Whether a solo entrepreneur, a start-up, SME or even corporate employees, coworking spaces can be appealing for all types of people. On top of that, cheap prices, great amenities and flexible contracts make it a suitable place for the remote worker of 2020.

At Haymarket HQ, the safety and wellbeing of our members are our utmost priority. As such, we have implemented new rules and policies in accordance with SafeWork Australia.

Unfortunately, we are currently not facilitating walk-in tours. If you would like to learn more about HHQ or join our waitlist, you can book in a virtual chat with us here.

What has changed:

  • The number of people in the coworking space is limited to 40 people. This is the maximum number of people allowed in line with 1.5m and 4m² social distancing guidelines. Members and any external visitors must book beforehand.
  • Mandatory health check. Members must check their temperature and blood oxygen levels before entering the office. Instruments and instructions are provided at the entrance.
  • Regular sanitation. High touch points are sanitised throughout the day. This includes door handles, buttons, remotes, light switches, etc.
  • Hand sanitisers and wipes available. We encourage that you use sanitiser regularly throughout the day.
  • Foot traffic. We have marked out pathways that will aid social distancing and decrease contact.
  • Room max capacities. Different areas and rooms now have max capacities clearly indicated.

If you have any questions, please contact us at letschat@haymarkethq.com.

covid safe

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