Haymarket HQ Covid-19 Policy


At Haymarket HQ, the safety and wellbeing of our members are our utmost priority. As such, we have implemented new rules and policies in accordance with SafeWork Australia and the NSW government.

We are currently open for walk-in tours and visits. If you’d like to come visit the space, please book here.


Under NSW government guidelines, there is no strict enforcement of 1.5m physical distancing measures in office spaces. However, we highly encourage all members and guests to practise safe hygiene and social distancing when it comes to COVID-safety.

The following measures have changed:

  • Lift capacity: there is no longer a capacity on the lift but it is encouraged that you still practise social distancing.
  • Meeting rooms:Capacities have lifted, but it is encouraged that you still practise social distancing. Please wipe down the desks after you have finished.
  • Desks:The yellow tape has been lifted on our desks, meaning that the 1.5 physical distancing measures no longer strictly apply. But again, we highly encourage social distancing where possible.

The following measures have remained the same, as we are seeking to still ensure that you keep COVID-safe

Contact Tracing:

  • Visitors. Visitors are required to sign-in and check their temperature before going into the office.
  • Members.For contact tracing purposes, each member needs to use the access panel with their specific access codes when entering the facilities.
  • Mandatory health check. All members and visitors must check their temperature and blood oxygen levels before entering the office. Instruments and instructions are provided at the entrance.
  • Regular sanitation. High touch points are sanitised throughout the day. This includes door handles, buttons, remotes, light switches, etc.
  • Hand sanitisers and wipes available. We encourage that you use sanitiser regularly throughout the day.
  • Foot traffic. We have marked out pathways that will aid social distancing and decrease contact.

If you have any questions, please contact us at letschat@haymarkethq.com.

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