FFWD HUB Demo Night – Meet the Companies!


FFWD HUB Demo Night 2020 Pitches

The FFWD HUB is a 6-week virtual program designed to help NSW international students build their first startup. It is funded by the NSW Government through Study NSW and delivered in partnership with Haymarket HQ and WiseKangaroo.

Over 100 budding entrepreneurs from 33 countries participated in FFWD HUB. In a span of 6 weeks, they turned their business ideas into validated concepts.

We’re proud to be presenting the first (virtual) FFWD HUB Demo Night!

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Company: GNES

Founders: Elvis Gleeson and Mani Seeber

Pitch deck: Click here to view

GNES wants to create dynamic guides using chatbot technology to assist new hires in becoming proficient at their jobs 2 weeks faster than normal programs.

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Company: Seniors at Home

Founder: Esther Muthuo

Seniors at Home is a service that will provide accomodation to international students. Our aim is to provide suitable accommodation by connecting international students with Australian seniors. In doing so, international students will have a chance to learn the Australian culture and make life-long friendships thus minimising social isolation for both.

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Company: EcoFoodly

Founder: Jeffrey Lu

EcoFoodly is a social enterprise that reduces food waste in supermarkets and gives people access to cheaper and fresh produce. We are a marketplace that bridges the information gap between supermarkets offering ‘marked down’ produce and the consumer.

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Company: Achieve

Founders: Juvylene Ann Ruelos and Amanda Chiu

Pitch deck: Click here to view

Achieve is focused on equipping people of culturally diverse backgrounds with the right skills to maximise their potential, adapt and successfully integrate into Australia’s multicultural workforce.

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Company: CareerCare

Founders: Raditia Haryo Kusuma and Roshan Bharwani

Pitch deck: Click here to view

CareerCare is an e-counselling platform that helps graduating students be successful in their desired careers. Students would receive in-depth advice of their industries of interest and recommend self-development activities in a personalised step by step plan.

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Company: Academic Research Excellence Forum

Founders: Shumaila Kiyani and Arslan Kiyani

Website: Click here to view.

Pitch deck: Click here to view

“Academic Research Excellence Forum” is an exclusive online forum, which is established to provide virtual learning opportunities in the area of academic research to HDR students in Pakistan, and to connect them to the top-rated academics in Australia.

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Company: Ruler

Founders: Wayne Zhou and John Kim

Pitch deck: Click here to view

Students face a game of trial and error when applying for jobs as the chances of success are dependent on what you know about how to get there. Ruler bridges the gap between students and previously successful applicants to create a level playing field so that university students are equipped with the right skills and experiences to land their dream jobs.

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