Exploring the Future of Work Part 1 [Event Recap]

Nico Chan

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The increase in uncertainty due to COVID is driving the need for flexibility, as short term decision making and adaptability is key during these times. While working from home provides flexibility, it comes with major distractions and feelings of isolation and loneliness. Coworking environments offer the necessary flexibility while further providing connection, community and the necessary support for mental health and wellbeing.

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3 key takeaways from the event

This was a short but very insightful event. Here are the top three takeaways if you missed it.

People want flexibility and need to feel safe

With all the uncertainty caused by COVID, people cannot afford to be locked into long term contracts. 3-5 year lease? You’re dreaming. Not in this economic climate. Short term or no lock-in contracts offered by flexible office spaces gives people options and the ability to quickly adapt to any changes that arise for their business.

Some businesses are now also looking to provide a ‘third working space’ for their employees. Some people don’t feel safe and comfortable returning to the office, and WFH is taking a toll on their productivity and personal life. A convenient and flexible office space located closer to employees is a new trend that is picking up steam.

The importance of maintaining good mental health and wellbeing

WFH provides the flexibility which many enjoy, but for others, it is distracting, disruptive, isolating and lonely. If this remote working trend is to continue, which seems almost inevitable at this point, this is clearly not sustainable. People need support. WFH drives the need for human connection and one solution for this is coworking. Many coworking spaces are now prioritising the mental health and wellbeing of its inhabitants, creating an uplifting space with large desks, sunlight and fresh air.

We need to support each other

One of the major selling points of coworking is being part of a friendly and supportive community. This is what people are wanting now more than ever, especially with all the social distancing and isolation measures which have become such a big part of our lives. WFH is the main culprit of isolation and loneliness, and many are struggling without the option of returning to the office. Everyone is going through the same things personally and professionally. Colleagues, friends – seeing a smiling face as you walk into the work is sure to brighten your day just a little bit. It is essential to have these human connections and interactions. More than just seeing your partner’s morning face and your dog every day… so I’ve been told.

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Thank you to our speakers Jim Groves of Rubberdesk and Galvin Scott Davis of Here Coworking.