The Best Coworking Spaces for Industry Specific Startups


Just started a business and not sure where to go? Looking for a coworking space with like-minded people but not sure which ones to look at? Don’t worry for we have the right list just for you. Based on the industry you’re in, you might want to network with other startups just like yourself. Or if you’re someone who wants a little more diversity, then you might want a place that doesn’t just cater to one kind of startup. No matter what industry your startup is in, our list of coworking spaces will help you in choosing the right place. 

If there’s one particular coworking space you’re interested in, here’s a list of all the coworking spaces featured in this article. 

Stone & Chalk | Fishburners | The Studio | The Roller | the aerie | Groupee Works | The Commons | Haymarket HQ

Here are some keywords you can search if you’re looking for a specific industry:

• Tech

• Business

• Media creatives

• Artists

• All

Word of advice: Don’t just take our word for it, the best way to experience a coworking space is to go for a free trial! 

Where: 11 York Street (Sydney Startup Hub) 

Cost (full-time dedicated desk): $685 per month

Free trial: Tours depart from reception every Thursday 5pm

Industry focus: Fintech

The largest fintech hub in Asia, Stone & Chalk is the place you want to be if your startup is in the fintech industry. Their mission is to support startups that are looking to disrupt or innovate the Asia-pacific financial services and help them commercialise and scale with global organisations. Connected to established names in the financial sector and tech giants, members don’t only gain connections with large names but also capital investment opportunities and that Stone & Chalk can offer. Stone & Chalk aims to be the centre of gravity for the innovation ecosystem. From fintech to agriculture and space, their members represent a wide range of different disruptive and innovative technology areas. 


Where: 155 Clarence Street

Cost (full-time dedicated desk): $800 per month

Free trial: Book a slot online

Industry focus: Fintech

Community is at the centre of everything. Purpose-designed events, facilitated introductions and a spirit of togetherness is what makes YBF a thriving tech hub. Collaboration with other founders is key and YBF knows this. This community-driven coworking space encourages members to learn from one another and from mentors and experts that will help them get discovered by investors, make global contacts and accelerate growth. YBF over-serves their members by making sure that they have the best experience every day. With modern architecture combined with open spaces and a feeling of home, YBF is the place for you if you want to dive head first into the tech startup scene. 


Where: 11 York Street (Sydney Startup Hub) 

Cost (full-time dedicated desk): $580 per month

Free trial: None. But they have free tours! 

Industry focus: Tech, freelance, business

A household name in the world of startups and co-orking spaces, Fishburners is one of Australia’s oldest coworking spaces and well-known for early stage companies and freelancers. Currently, they house over 330 companies, over 700 members with more than 500 visitors weekly. The prime location in Sydney CBD doesn’t just make it appealing for those who want convenience but also for those who want to foster friendships with other startups. Their highly-collaborative community where members actively volunteer their time to help another member out ensures a culture that is built on sharing experiences, hardships and advice with anyone in need. 


Where: 11 York Street (Sydney Startup Hub) 

Cost (full-time dedicated desk): $695 per month

Free trial: None. But you can book a tour with them! 

Industry focus: Media tech, creative tech 

Officially launched in July 2018, The Studio was established to cultivate startup and scaleup businesses in the media, entertainment, communications, games, sound, design and creative industries. Being industry agnostic, they also support the development of companies using advanced digital media tools and technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality, Surround Sound and Wearable Computing to transform industries such as Health and Education. The Studio’s founder and CEO, Chantal Abouchar, said the Studio’s strengths are it’s industry focus and collaborative approach.

“When you combine industry collaboration with industry focus you create a powerful, globally competitive base for innovation,” Ms Abouchar said. 


Where: 2 Epsom Road, Zetland

Cost (full-time dedicated desk): $585 per month

Free trial: Yes! 

Industry focus: Media creatives

Housed in a mid-20th century warehouse in between Rosebery and Zetland, The Roller currently houses various creatives with its eclectic interior fitted with props and artwork. If you’re a creative that likes cosier coworking spaces with a pop of personality, this might be the place for you. The current community includes photographers, video producers, marketing agencies and software services. Being a small co-work space, you’ll get to know other founders easily. With its homey interior to its opportunity to connect with other founders in your industry, The Roller offers the best of both worlds.


Where: 31 Princess Highway, St. Peters (Tortuga Studios)

Cost (1.5m wide-space hot desk): $80 per week 

Free trial: None but you can book a tour with them! 

Industry focus: Artists, media creatives 

With the vaulted beams to its industrial aesthetic, the aerie was established as a collaborative and affordable creative space for artists, creatives, startups and SMEs. Supported by a well-established art community, the aerie is the perfect place for a budding artist with its rustic interior and aesthetic vibe. With tons of studio space, large common areas and uncontended fast Wi-Fi, it has everything you would need to draw inspiration from. Situated in St Peters, the aerie might be a better option for you if you live near the inner west of Sydney. 


Where: Level 3, 11 Randle Street, Surry Hills

Cost (full-time dedicated desk): $450 per month

Free trial: None but you can book a tour with them! 

Industry focus: Business, fintech, all industries 

Created by Sydney fintech app founder Jarred Baker of Groupee, Groupee Works is a low cost coworking space for new businesses that have expanded beyond just a few tables. Surrounded by like-minded people, you’re sure to network and make connections with another startup like yourself. Located at the heart of Surry Hills and a few minutes by foot to Central Station, this place is convenient to get to and easy on your wallet. 


Where: 20-40 Meagher St., Chippendale 

Cost (full-time dedicated desk): $730 per month

Free trial: None but you can book a tour with them! 

Industry focus: All industries

Born out of a desire to achieve happiness in the workplace and redefine the meaning of a day at the office, The Commons looks at its founders and the space that they work in to be important. With today’s flexible work style and the needs of the modern individual, what this coworking space has created is a place that caters to startups that want to change the world – regardless of industry. 

“Our focus is on building and strengthening community and we challenge the status quo in an effort to innovate” 


Where: Level 2, 63 Dixon St., Haymarket

Cost (full-time dedicated desk): $475 per month

Free trial: Yes! 

Industry focus: All industries

Situated in the heart of Chinatown, Haymarket HQ provides first-class co-king space, mentorship and education to startups and companies that want to go global, particularly into Asian markets. The speakeasy styled space is a mix of the modern world of today and the historic architecture of Chinatown and the surrounding Haymarket area. With emphasis on community, founders from all industries are able to learn from one another through their biweekly community networking events. If you’re a startup that’s starting out and needs a hand in navigating through the startup work, then Haymarket HQ is the right place for you! 


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