Hutong (Ad)Ventures #7: Simon Henry – Co-founder @Uwai, co-founder @Juwai (exited)

Simon Henry together with co-founder Andrew Taylor, recently launched Uwai – a tourism platform supporting Chinese tourists to explore and engage with local businesses, governments and corporations. Launched in South Australia only a few weeks ago, Uwai has already onboarded 850 businesses and will be rolling out across tourist destinations globally. Simon and Andrew are probably best known for co-founding Juwai, one of China’s largest global property portals and one of the few trusted brands created by foreigners. They successfully exited Juwai in Dec 2016.

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Key points covered:

  • Simon’s background and what led to Juwai and Uwai.
  • What was it like to exit Juwai? Did you have any issues?
  • What are the top 3 learnings from Juwai that have been applied to Uwai?
  • What is the business model for UWai?
  • Content and channels – Different methods of getting to the target consumers for Juwai and Uwai
  • Why launch in Adelaide, not in cities more popular with Chinese tourists?
  • How to build a global team from Day 1?

Items mentioned

Favourite book: Platform Revolution by Geoffrey Parker

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