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Haymarket HQ is Australia’s first not-for-profit startup hub supporting entrepreneurs to connect to Asia

Haymarket HQ offers startups access to coworking space, mentors and investors, and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs across Asia-Pacific. Learn more about our hands-on approach below.

Haymarket HQ is a not-for-profit, supported by the State government (Jobs for NSW) and founded by Brad Chan.

Why Asia? Why not global?

The majority of our startups are active globally, but recognise Asia as an important region for their business now and/or in the future.

Asia is a logical region for Australian businesses to focus on. The majority of all future economic growth will come from Asia and Australian businesses are well-placed to capitalise on its burgeoning middle class. Asia has been Australia’s largest trading partner for a long time, but will become even more important in the near-future:

  • 50% of all Australia’s trade is with Asia
  • Two-thirds of the world’s middle class will be in Asia by 2030
  • By 2030 China is forecast to account for 22 percent of global middle-class spending, three times greater than the US share.
  • Australia is home to a large Asia-capable talent pool. 17% of Australian’s identify themselves as having Asian origins.
  • Asia makes up 70% of all Australia’s exports, the majority going towards China.

I often talk to startups about their global ambitions and there is always a strong focus on the US market, understandable given it has been a well-worn path for many Australian startups. However, I see both the size and the growth potential of markets in Asia and the opportunities for Australia startups to capitalise on this as a prospect not to be ignored.“ – Brad Chan, Founder of Haymarket HQ

How Haymarket HQ supports entrepreneurs

Our role is to raise more awareness about the opportunities and developments in Asia and support entrepreneurs to capitalise on those opportunities. This can mean a range of different things:

  • Supporting entrepreneurs to distribute their products in China;
  • Raising investment from Japanese (venture capital) firms;
  • Setting up a JV with a Chinese university in the education space;
  • Recommend accelerators in Shanghai or Singapore
  • Support in recruiting Chinese-speaking staff in Sydney
  • Providing advice on investments & (international) grants
  • You name it.

We are particularly strong in supporting companies expand into China and have a strong network of organisations, local government partners and successful entrepreneurs that are willing to support our members.

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our team

  • Lauren Montino
    Lauren Montino Community & Operations Manager
  • Duco van Breemen
    Duco van Breemen General Manager
  • Tim Fung
    Tim Fung CEO | Airtasker
  • Joshua Flannery
    Joshua Flannery Manager | UNSW Innovation
  • Philipp Ivanov
    Philipp Ivanov CEO | Asia Society AU
  • Jemma Xu
    Jemma Xu CEO | Tripalocal
  • Jason Yat-sen Li
    Jason Yat-sen Li Chairman | Vantage Group
  • Jackie Yun
    Jackie Yun Co-owner | the Wagas Group
    • Angela Kwan
      Angela Kwan Co-founder of Catalyser

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