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Brad Chan, founder of Haymarket HQ and CEO of Banna Group asks: “How could we not look at Asia?”

With around 60% of the world’s population and having the fastest growing economic region in the world, it is abundantly clear that there are sizeable opportunities waiting for our businesses.

But where to start? Asia being a huge diverse market, an Asian strategy needs to understand the various country to country and customer differences.

HHQ exists to provide a collaborative working space and help startups access Asian markets by tapping into one of our competitive advantages – our network of Asia-capable people ranging from our returned expats, overseas contacts as well as our local Asian Australian community.

I often talk to startups about their global ambitions and there is always a strong focus on the US market, understandable given it has been a well-worn path for many Australian startups. However, I see both the size and the growth potential of markets in Asia and the opportunities for Australia startups to capitalise on this as a prospect not to be ignored.

Brad sees himself as a steward for what is a 3rd generation family business. With that in mind, Haymarket HQ would not exist without the philanthropic support of the family in dedicating this space for a social purpose.

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  • Lauren Montino
    Lauren Montino Community & Operations Manager
  • Duco van Breemen
    Duco van Breemen General Manager
  • Tim Fung
    Tim Fung CEO | Airtasker
  • Joshua Flannery
    Joshua Flannery Manager | UNSW Innovation
  • Philipp Ivanov
    Philipp Ivanov CEO | Asia Society AU
  • Jemma Xu
    Jemma Xu CEO | Tripalocal
  • Jason Yat-sen Li
    Jason Yat-sen Li Chairman | Vantage Group
  • Jackie Yun
    Jackie Yun Co-owner | the Wagas Group
  • Angela Kwan
    Angela Kwan Co-founder of Catalyser

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